The Plan

Every journey begins for a reason. Shadow’s is vengeance, and it will take the Wolven Feral places she’s sworn never to go again.

Prequels (Short story collections/Novelettes):

  1. Lasting Echoes (Shorts collection, becoming available on site for free reading)
  2. Mating Dance
  3. Feral Heat
  4. Hunter’s Blood

Series Titles (Novellas/Novels):

  1. Feral Intensity
  2. Laying Claim
  3. Caller’s Curse
  4. Huntress Rising
  5. Scout’s Honor
  6. Past Shadows
  7. Rising Moon
  8. Dark Hunt
  9. Feral Child
  10. Sorrow’s Harvest
  11. Lovers’ Ties
  12. Demon Nights
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